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Our Positions

Seasonal Employment: April- October 

Hiring for summer staff begins in January-- if you apply and don't hear back before then, send us an email:

Find our application below these job descriptions. We will likely ask for a resume and will contact your references. 

Help us make our Coffeehouse a Coffeehome! We are a high volume, fast paced restaurant specializing in espresso and sandwiches. We get to serve people from all over the world; engaging with the locals and seasonal workers from Skagway while making a lasting impression on the thousands of visitors every day, you will be left with an unforgettable Alaskan experience. 

We are looking for experienced employees but we are also willing to train the right person who pays high attention to detail, has the ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage their time effectively. Positive attitude and great taste in music is a must.  

Baker: Our baker should be a person that loves baking and early morning hours. Our baked goods are done daily so this employee needs to be dependable. Bake shifts start as early as 5 am, with the baker being the first one here every morning. We don't currently operate a high-level bakery doing exquisite cakes; we focus on individual sized cupcakes, Danishes, cinnamon rolls, frittata's, cookies, muffins, turnovers, donuts and more. We are looking to always step up our baking game but we also realize that it depends on who is possessing that bakery position and their passion and love for the craft.  We need someone who is passionate and can bring some creativity to the kitchen.  This person would also assist with boxed lunches, catering and prep as needed/ desired.

Barista: We are looking for someone who has already been a barista in a medium to high volume café. We are willing to train the right person, but with lines out the door all day long during peak season, efficiency is key. During busy days, there can be 25+ drink orders to be made at a time. Our barista is also in charge of making smoothies. Multitasking is key.

Cashier: Being a cashier at The Coffeeshop requires stellar customer service skills and the ability to move people in an out efficiently. The cashier(s) are also in charge of taking phone orders, keeping the dining room clean, making drip coffee, and restocking the coffee bar as needed.

Food Line: Our food line moves quickly-- sending sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads out in 15 minutes or less (that's our goal). With a line out the door, we can be 25+ orders at a time. We offer excellent training and the tools to succeed, so no experience is required for this position. Having persistence is essential on the food line.

Prep Cook: We slice all of our meats and cheeses in house. We also make our own soups, beans, sauces and cream cheeses from scratch so we need someone who is capable of following our recipes with a high level of cleanliness and a positive attitude. We ask that this person embraces their creative freedom when making specials and soups. This position allows some flexibility in hours. We ask that our prep cook has experience in Food Service with an efficiency mindset.

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